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​​A house is the most expensive investment people typically make during their lifetimes. Most won't spend six figures for a place to live until they obtain reports from an exterminator and an experienced structural inspector confirming that the house is in good shape. But they rarely think to hire a lawyer to make sure there are no “gotcha's” in the purchase and sale contract and that things are in good shape from a legal perspective. For less than the combined cost of a pest inspection and a structural inspection (Kansas City-area average combined cost is $524), Northland Law gives you legal peace of mind to go along with the peace of mind that come from the structural reports you would obtain as a matter of course.

In addition to representing purchasers of single family residences, we have also represented sellers, landlords, and tenants in the sale and lease of properties ranging from single-family residences to multi-million dollar commercial properties. If you have real estate questions, think “Northland Law Firm” and contact us to get the answers you need to hear.