In the aftermath of the “Great Recession”, the ranks of the self-employed have swelled. If you own your business, or are considering self-employment, now more than ever you need a legal advisor to recommend strategies that will – to the greatest extent possible – protect your personal assets from your business creditors.

We typically recommend that our small business clients conduct their business in a legal entity such as a corporation or limited liability company and that property you use to generate income (such as a vehicle you use in your business) be owned by the entity. This structure results in maximum protection of your personal assets from business liabilities.

Once you are satisfied that your personal assets are maximally protected, you may be interested in our VIC Program. VIC is the plan we've established for our “Very Important Clients”. As a VIC member, you may call or email us as many times as you wish to ask any questions you have about situations that concern their business. No more need to take the risk that you understand all the aspects of a situation because you are concerned about how much you'll be billed for an answer. VIC members pay a nominal fixed monthly fee! If you have a small business and have questions about any of our small business services, please contact us for more information.


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